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The Studio Specializing in the Planning and Design of Residential Apartments, Private Homes and Offices

Studio RAVIT ASHER was established in Rehovot by Interior Designer Ravit Asher. 


I am a graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design at the 'Holon Institute of Technology'.

In 2019, after specializing in an Architectural firm, I opened a Design Studio, specializing in the Planning and Design of Residential Apartments, Private Homes, and Offices.

Design for me is an integral part of my life.

When the Design is correct, precise, and functional, it makes us move around the space completely and harmoniously. I plan and Design my projects with Great Passion. I adapt the Design to the Client, the desired space, and his needs. I Design for you.

I invite you to contact me and arrange an introductory meeting.

I will accompany you through all stages of the project, from understanding your needs, building a program, developing a design concept, careful and precise planning, producing a set of work plans for full and detailed execution, producing simulations, Interior Design, and Home Style, choosing materials and accompanying the project in the field until the end of the project.

!בואו נדבר


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